Auto Accident


If you were in a car accident, do you know what to do?

Every time we drive our cars, we are taking a risk of possibly having an accident.  And unfortunately, chances are we will get into a motor vehicle accident at some point in our lives, will you know what to do?  Do you know the symptoms of whiplash? Do you know how it can affect you down the road? Let’s talk about it from your doctors point of view.

What happens to my body when I get in a car accident?

The physics behind a car accident are extreme and our bodies are not well built to handle the force from a 3,000 pound car hitting us.  Let’s talk about force for a second.  Force is the amount of energy we absorb when hit by something.  If I were to hit you with a plastic baseball bat it wouldn’t hurt that much, but what if I took a heavy metal baseball bat and hit you with it at the same speed?  You might suffer some bad injuries from the hit.  The heavy the object and the speed of the object are what matters when we discuse injuries to the body.  And a car accident involve VERY HEAVY objects and can do great damage even at low speeds, as slow as 5 mph.  So even if you think your accident is minor, you may still have damage to the ligaments and muscles deep in your spine and not know it.  This is typically called whiplash and can leave lasting effects if untreated.


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